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Prayer card # 25- The Bruised Reed

This prayer card is basically just my notes from my read of a 1630 publication by a Puritan Preacher from Cambridge, Richard Sibbes, entitled The Bruised Reed.

Most of my notes are key points from the book that struck home with me, and others may prompt you to look up a Bible verse, which is always a good thing. If you find that any of them relate to you or touch your heart in some way, I encourage you to get a copy of the Bruised Reed and read it for yourself; it will be time well spent.

The Bruised Reed is based on Matthew’s application to Jesus of the description of the servant of the Lord, which is brought up previously in the Bible in Isaiah’s 42:3.

Isaiah 42:3 is a prophecy of Jesus, which if you’re a “The Chosen” fan, which is a TV series about the life of Jesus and His disciples, you will remember that Philip recited this verse in Season 3, Episode 7.

Charles Spurgeon also read the writings of Richard Sibbes, which is pretty cool; and if you don’t know who Charles Spurgeon is, that would be another time well spent Bible research project for you.

God’s children are bruised reeds before their conversion

A man truly bruised, judges sin the greatest evil, and the favor of God the greatest good

In God the fatherless find mercy

God is most familiar and open to troubled souls

Christians should labor to give no offense, and labor to take none

The light of the wicked shall be put out, which is also a reference to Job 18:5

Sparks by nature fly upward

As fire gives more light, it gives less smoke

Christ’s goal is to abolish sin out of our nature – completely

All scandalous actions are only thoughts at the first

The hell of hell is to love your sin more than you love your soul

The heart of a Christian is Christ’s garden

Keep the soul open to entertain the Holy Spirit, for He will bring in continually fresh forces to subdue corruption

Let us not sin so as not to put Christ in any new torments

Truth is truth; error is error. Period.

Sibbes refers to Joshua 24:15. Excellent.

What is spiritual is eternal

Truth is a beam of Christ’s spirit

We, in Christ, are conquerors over all our spiritual enemies

It is the bent of our will that makes us good or ill

Do not be a deluded worldling, but treasure your heart of Christ

There can be no victory where there is no combat (truly one of my favorites lines from this book)

Cast a bridle on your lustful wanderings

Christ will rule in the midst of His enemies

Christ will not leave us till He has made us like Himself

Faith will prevail

And again, I encourage you to get a copy of The Bruised Reed and check it out for yourself. It is excellent input. God bless you all…



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