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Prayer card #27 - Seek, and you will find

I seek Thee, and as sure as the dawn, Thou appearest as perfect light

to me.

A Thanksgiving Hymn, Dead Sea Scrolls

Most of you have heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls, but have you ever read them? Absolutely incredible prayers, scriptures, and hymns contained in them. It’s definitely worth your time to pick up a copy of obviously a translated version. Pretty much available anywhere.

This particular Thanksgiving Hymn is typical of the kind of heart that exemplifies Jesus. Most of us, myself included, tend to wait until the worst case scenario is actually here, then we cry out to the Lord. I would suggest perhaps seek God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit before the worst happens; that way when it does rear its ugly head, you already have a great comforter ready to spring into action. Jesus will appear in your life, He truly will, just seek and you will find.



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